Light as air, fluffy as a sponge

Savoiardi Ladyfingers

We’re talking about ladyfingers, the most delectable and beautiful Italian cookies

They are called “Savoiardi” in Italian, from the House of Savory, Italy’s last monarchs.
They are light, fluffy Italian sponge finger biscuits with a very long history, dating all the way to the 1300’s.
Originally from Piedmont, the Savoiardi lady fingers also arrived in areas where the Savoys ruled, such as Sardegna and Sicily and now most regions of Italy have their version of Savoiardi.

Savoiardi ladyfingers are basically a sponge cake recipe in an oval cookie form.
They are delicate, light and airy with a sweet crispy crust.

Their recipe is so simple: only eggs, flour and sugar combined and piped onto baking trays.
Baked until golden, these delightfully light cookies are easy to make but very impressive.

They are individually lovely, but they taste just as well with a side of fresh fruit, a dollop of whipped cream or a topping of sweet spreads.

They are perfect for soaking up flavors and this is reason why they represent the key-ingredient in such a desserts like the universally known “tiramisù” or “panna cotta”, the tipical Italian trifle.

You can’t miss to have Savoiardi ladyfingers in your cookie jar to enjoy with your favorite breakfast drink, like espresso or cappuccino.
Difficult to stop at one, these Savoiardi ladyfingers are a light cuddle for your sweet heart!
Ladyfingers recipe

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