We are based in Naples,

in beautiful Southern Italy

We have been exporting Italian Food
for three generations

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Trade moves goods, connects peoples, pushes modernity and spreads culture.

Our familyโ€™s tale started in Sicily at the beginning of 1900, when grandfather Giuseppe exported the precious essence of Sicilian lemon to Europe and North America.
Thanks to the products of the generous land where he was born and his natural attitude to cross the sea and meet new people, grandfather Giuseppe succeeded in exporting lemon essential oil from Sicily to many foreign Countries… READ MOREย โžž


Our portfolio of Italian food goes across all categories: pasta, legumes, tomato, oil, confectionery, cheese. Each line bears one of our exclusive brands.


Each family of products in our range bears its own brand.

We are Italians. We love good food.

Italian people love sharing delicious food and enjoying the pleasure of eating together.
Food has always played a pivotal role in Italian society and culture, providing the backdrop for the creation of collective memories and experience that are held forever in people’s hearts.

Italian Lifestyle

We live in a generous land, which celebrates life and good food.

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