We export Italian Food, with love ❤️

“Italy is our birthplace and the World is our home. Quality Food is the way of our delicious journey.”

Maria Lucchesi
Ceo & Founder
FoodEast Trade Srl
We have been exporting Italian Food around the world, for three generations, with love and passion.

Long Experience

Our staff has a long experience in food manufacturing, a good knowledge of foreign markets and a great desire of meeting new people and seeing how Italian cuisine evolves around the world.

Wide range of products

Our catalogue includes a wide range of products: from main Italian staples like pasta, tomato and oil, to selected confectionery, organic items and fresh cheese.

Customized solutions

Our assortment fits the need of both retail and foodservice markets, with customized solutions for industry, as well.

exclusive Brands  Quality

All our products are made with quality ingredients, traditional expertise and packed under our own exclusive brands.

Our portfolio

We go smoothly with many traditional products of Italy, like pasta, tomato and olive oil, but we work also with less traditional products, fresh ones and new trends. We take up the challenge to send all of them everywhere in the world with a good service and a professional assistance.

Our Customers appreciate our wide catalogue, because it gives them the chance to make mixed cargo of many Italian food products. With the exclusivity of our brands and no need for too big quantity per item.

We’re also very passionate for fresh cheese.

We love the idea that some Customer everywhere in the world can go to the restaurant or to the supermarket and find quality mozzarella or burrata, same than we usually eat in Italy!

We do our best so that cheese arrives as fresh as possible, from production to final destination, relying on our long term experience and our good partners in the supply chain.

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