A delicious heritage of rural food culture

Sun-dried Tomatoes represent a gourmet touch coming from an ancient tradition of the cuisine of Southern Italy.

In the past, it was a very common and delicious habit, especially in South of Italy, cutting long tomatoes and let them dry in the sun, in the warm and sunny climate of Italian southern regions. After that, they were aromatized with spices and preserved in sunflower  seeds  oil. Thanks to such a simple, but patient job, especially made in the countryside, at the end of September each family had set aside a little “treasure”of tasty tomato, to be used as a flash of summer in winter menus.

Today, sundried tomatoes are produced with a little more automation, but always retaining a sense of home made preserves and especially the flavour of a “secret” ingredient to add a great flavor to many dishes and salads.

Moreover, they are also a healthy product, because they keep the same nutritional value of fresh tomatoes, and are a rich source of lycopene, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

Sun-dried tomatoes have recently became a highly demanded product and are considered as a “modern” ingredient to enrich salad and other menus, as well as a perfect topping for pizza.

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