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We have been exporting Italian Food around the world for three generations.

Thanks to the products of the generous land where he was born and his natural attitude to cross the sea and meet new people, grandfather Giuseppe succeeded in exporting lemon essential oil from Sicily to many foreign Countries.

Giuseppe Lucchesi founds his trading company in Messina
Our family company starts exporting to Japan
Maria Lucchesi begins to deal with food foreign trade
Foodeast is established in Napoli


Our family’s tale started in Sicily at the beginning of 1900, when grandfather Giuseppe exported the precious essence of Sicilian lemon to Europe and North America.
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Trade moves goods, connects peoples, pushes modernity and spreads culture. This is reason why we love our job so much.

In Europe and North America, new-born industries used lemon essential oil to make preservatives, medicines and cosmetics. They appreciated the precious ingredient coming from Italy: that was the secret of their good manufacturing.

We learned grandfather Giuseppe’s lesson, and we keep exporting  Italian Food all around the world, with the same passion and the same love.

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