Italian Cheeses

With more than 400 different varieties, cheese from Italy are some of the world’s best and they play a leading role in Italian cuisine. They are used to fill, top or garnish many dishes and they are a pillar of Italian Food Culture. The majority of Italian cheeses are the product of ancient traditions that represent the best of Italian food culture. The production of these cheeses often remains largely unchanged and often dates back to centuries ago and they are usually tied to a geographical area, for the origin of the milk and for the local knowledge.

The oldest and most valuable Italian cheeses, like Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola and many others, have been recognized as PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) products for their high quality, local production, and traditional recipes and the PDO seal is the guarantee that what you’re tasting is precisely how the product is supposed to be.

PRELYBIUM Selection offers the best high quality Italian Cheese including MOZZARELLA, BURRATA, PARMIGIANO REGGIANO, PECORINO ROMANO and many other varieties. We also provide specialty and some frozen items. All of the cheeses are available in different cuts and sizes, in order to give our clients a complete range of Italian Cheese, available also for small orders and customized deliveries.

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