"Estratto" fresh Tomato Paste
"Estratto" fresh Tomato Paste
"Estratto" fresh Tomato Paste

“Estratto” fresh Tomato Paste


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The POMOPEDIA “Estratto” fresh tomato paste comes from the ancient Italian tradition of the “tomato preserve”, also called “astrattu”, in Sicily. It was used in the past to give color, flavor and texture to dishes. Spread on a slice of bread, it was a simple and nutritious snack for children of the past. Originally, the extract was obtained by letting the homemade tomato puree, spread over large linen sheets, dry in the sun. I such a way, it lost water and became pasty in a natural way, preserving all the good taste of the fresh tomato. The extract was then stored in glass jars, to be used in the kitchen throughout the year. The POMOPEDIA “Estratto” is obtained as in the past, heating the fresh tomato in a natural way, with the addition of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, to obtain a thick and fragrant paste, which preserves the flavor, taste and nutritional principles intact of the good tomato, matured in the sun. The POMOPEDIA “Estratto” is ideal for enhancing the tomato note in any recipe. It is suitable both for long cooking, such as ragout, stews and stews, as well as for quick sauces and accompanying sauces. Unforgettable as a spreadable cream, for tasty and refined snacks and canapés.




POMOPEDIA brand has a pop style and a digital attitude. The name comes from Italian word “pomodoro” that means tomato, while the ending suffix refers to the most popular encyclopedia on the web: wikipedia. Pomopedia groups together all the tomato-based and non-tomato-based gourmet products that can be used to dress pasta, bruschettas or as ingredients for seasoning. All products of the line are made with fresh, quality ingredients, and made with artisan care. Contemporary Italian Artist Umberto Aliffi made for us the original designs showed on Pomopedia labels and representing the icons of Italian Lifestyle.
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24 months

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