Wild Fennel Pesto


Wild Fennel Pesto


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Pesto di finocchietto – Wild Fennel Pesto

Wild fennel is widely used in cooking throughout Italy, especially in menus with fish and legumes. Many recipes belong to Sicilian tradition, where wild fennel is used to flavor many dishes, including the famous Pasta con le Sarde, where it is mixed with fresh sardines and anchovy fillets to make a delicious sauce for bucatini pasta.

POMOPEDIA pesto is just made in Sicily, crashing the leaves of wild fennel and mixing them with extra virgin olive oil, sundried tomatoes and sultans, to make such a delicious dressing for an unforgettable pasta menu. You can use POMOPEDIA wild fennel pesto also to add an amazing flavor to any of your recipe of fish and legumes or to match it with sausage.


Additional information

Net weight

180 g

Shelf life

24 months

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POMOPEDIA brand has a pop style and a digital attitude. The name comes from Italian word “pomodoro” that means tomato, while the ending suffix refers to the most popular encyclopedia on the web: wikipedia. Pomopedia groups together all the tomato-based and non-tomato-based gourmet products that can be used to dress pasta, bruschettas or as ingredients for seasoning. All products of the line are made with fresh, quality ingredients, and made with artisan care. Contemporary Italian Artist Umberto Aliffi made for us the original designs showed on Pomopedia labels and representing the icons of Italian Lifestyle.
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