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Organic Basil Pesto

Our IVI & GIO’ Organic Basil Pesto is made according with traditional Italian recipe, using basil, oil, garlic cheese and pinenuts. Rich in flavor, its taste is like home-made.
It is available also as a vegan recipe, with no cheese.
Our range includes also conventional Basil pesto, classical and vegan, too.


Ivi & Giò

IVI & GIO’ is Foodeast’s brand for Organic products.
We imagine the world like a delicious green apple, where our kids Ivi and Gio’ can eat tasty and healthy food. We should want to always feed them with genuine food. Good food brings us together. Good food also respects our planet and protects resources for future generations. IVI & GIO’ organic food is good and healthy and is made respecting Nature. It represents the responsible choice of more and more people, also attentive to new eating styles. IVI & GIO’ items are 100% made in Italy and certified organic by Sidel Cert Body.

Net weight


Shelf life

24 months

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