It’s not only chocolate spread!

When we think of sweet spread, it immediately comes to mind the famous one made with chocolate and hazelnut.

But recently spreads have become very trendy in Italy and the family has expanded to new flavors.
And among so many flavours PISTACHIO definitely is the most loved one.

Pistachio is high in protein and healthy fats and a good source of nutrients, too.

Its exotic taste is very versatile and suitable for a thousand different recipes of bakery and pastry.

Our RIVELIA pistachio spread is hand made with 30% pistachio nuts and only a few, simple and natural ingredients. It does not contain any colorings or preservatives.

It has a full, well balanced taste that satisfies, never tiring you.
Its creamy olive green colour is very natural and quite far from the fluorescent green of lesser quality pistachio spread.

RIVELIA pistachio spread in a thousand, delicious ways: spreading it on toast, roti, bread, dosa or biscuits, or drizzling on pancakes and waffles.

You can use it as a dip for fruits, nuts, cookies or in a milkshake or best-scoop straight out of the jar.

And if you prefer more classical flavors for yr spread, RIVELIA range also includes CHOCOLATE and HAZELNUT spreads, with same quality and same natural flavor.

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