Good Food is True Love ❤️

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love.

Everywhere in the world, it is a special day for all and sundry. Be it school going teens who are hesitant to approach their crush and tell them how much they like them, or couples who have been married for years now, everyone finds a refreshed chance to express their love for their Special One, in the Valentine’s day.

We look for special gifts for our Loved Ones and flowers, postcards, gifts and promises are widely exchanged.

The most adorable symbol of love –red roses– can’t be missed when your special one is an Italian, French or Spanish woman.

In many countries Valentine’s Day is the day for wedding promises, and then the perfect gift is a love band or a beautiful ring.

Very often Valentine’s day is the perfect time for a beautiful romantic trip.

In Italy, the best wished destinations are Venice, Florence, Rome and even Verona, the city of Juliet and Romeo, where street celebration lasts for four days, with live music and tasty menus.

And if you and your Special One pass on a bridge, there is the ritual of finding a corner, a railing, to put a closed chain with a padlock and throw the key into the river, as a symbol of your endless love.

In many countries Valentine’s Day is not only the day of love, but, more generally, the celebration day of affection and cuteness and, then, gifts are exchanged among family, friends and colleagues.

But whatever kind of relationship it is, they say that food is the way to heart and then Valentine’s is a celabration for love and foodlovers, as well.

So, treating your Special One to a delicious dinner and enjoying together special food is a very effective way to celebrate Valentine’s day.

And what is more special than chocolate and, especially, what is love expressed without the sweetness of chocolate?

And then we can say that chocolate is the favourite gift for all lovers, around the world. Chocolate delights definitely are the best recognized marks of love.

Chocolate represents the most refined sweetness, but it is also considered an aphrodisiac food, capable of giving energy and enhancing positive feelings.

You might want to pick out customized chocolates or nougats, special creams or decorated cake and enjoy them with your Special One as food of passion and gift of love.

And turn the Day of Love into a Food Holiday!

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