Canned Tomatoes: Our Pantry All-Star

These weeks, we’re cooking from the pantry more than ever, and we’re concerned about keeping it always stocked with staples.

Canned Tomatoes are definitely a staple and a pantry all-star! If there are a few cans of them in our pantry, we can easily face any culinary emergency and make so many dishes!

Super versatile and affordable, canned tomatoes pack the nutritional equivalent to the fresh product, in a can equal to about twice the quantity of seasonal tomatoes!

There are endless possibilities in every can, but does it matter which type of canned tomato we use to make our menus at their best? Yes, of course!

Whole, chopped, paste or sundried, each kind of canned tomato has its best way in our cuisine.

So many famous Italian menus, like pasta, bruschetta or lasagna have tomato as their main ingredient, and selecting the right type of canned tomato can make the difference on final result!

Let’s have a look and learn how to make the right choice!

Whole Peeled Tomatoes are made with dense Italian plum tomatoes, quickly blanched in hot water to take the skin away and canned in their juice. They are the less processed type and, therefore, the closest one to the fresh tomato. With a sweet, firm flesh, high pectin content, not much juice and few seeds, they are perfect to make a chunky tomato sauce or for topping pizzas.

Chopped Tomatoes are usually made with round shaped tomatoes, chopped and slightly cooked down a bit to get a ready-to-use tomato, They are the most used base for any tomato sauce.

Tomato Paste is a strong concentrate to be used in small quantity to give a deep tomato flavor to any dish. It’s the secret ingredient, especially when it is made in an artisanal way, like in case of “Estratto” the typical Sicilian hand-made tomato paste.

Sundried Tomatoes are savory and delicious, with a chewy texture and they are used to give a gourmet touch to any menu. They can be chopped finely and added to salads, or used for sandwiches or appetizers. Usually, they are preserved in oil, adding herbs and spices, that enhance their flavor.

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