Bean and pasta soup: a cuddle for the everyday menus

We have just left the holiday season behind, along with such an unusual and difficult year, and we’re now at work, making projects for the New Year.

After the festive days, those ones when lunches and dinners stretch to blur into a continuum, there are now the other days, the ordinary ones, those in which the keyword is simplicity.

We must shift from celebration to ordinary time, switching our diet from the comfort menus of the festive days, to the regular ones of the everyday life. And the everyday life recently requires and unprecedent effort…

One of the most traditional Italian menu can help us to make a very smooth and delicious shifting: we’re talking abt bean and pasta soup, with its countless variations.

It’s a real ritual of Italian cuisine, a dish of care and love, a cornerstone of peasant tradition.

Especially if you start by soaking dry beans in water, the night before, thinking about the tasty soup you’ll prepare the next days for your beloved ones. Or when you add vegetable to beans. And cook them until they are soft enough to match well with the texture of pasta.

Bean and pasta soup is definitely one of those iconic dishes of Italian Cuisine. It best represents the idea of the tradition that hugs you with beauty, care and love, that is the heart of Italian Culture itself.

Go to the recipe: Bean and pasta soup

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