Pizza Sauce FLAVORED with garlic & oregano

Pizza Sauce with garlic & oregano
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Pizza Sauce FLAVORED with garlic & oregano

LITALY Pizza Sauce FLAVORED with garlic & oregano is a thick and rustic tomato puree, with a rough consistency, gently flavored with typical Mediterranean oregano herb and garlic. It is a precious ally for all pizzeria and HORECA professionals.

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LITALY Pizza Sauce FLAVORED with garlic & oregano is made with well- riped tomatoes and specifically studied to make an authentic Italian style pizza.

It has a perfect texture, well spreadable, but thick enough not to wet the dough and perfectly withstand cooking in the oven.

No preservatives and no added sugar. Only tomato and salt. Oregano and garlic are added to give it the traditional Italian flavor.

Ready to make your pizza in a perfet Italian style.

LITALY Pizza Sauce FLAVORED with garlic & oregano is available in 400g, 800g, 2200g and 4100g tins.




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LITALY brand is the defining pillar of Foodeast, as an exporter of Italian food products. True Italian Food Products, 100% made in Italy. We keep the rooth of our Country in our main brand, that features main Italian staples in our catalogue. All basic ingredients of Italian Cuisine, such as legumes, pasta, tomato and olive oil, in our portfolio bear LITALY brand to let Consumer immediately know they are Made in Italy. All items are specifically studied, in terms of quality, size and packaging, to perfectly meet the request for Italian ingredients, in the international markets.
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