28/30% Tomato Paste


28/30% Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is a very ancient ingredient of Italian Cuisine. It was the only way they knew more than one hundred years ago  to preserve tomatoes for the winter. Just a little bit of such a magic paste and you can add colour, intensity, depth of flavour and an unrivalled mediterranean summer note to any dish calling for tomato. LITALY Tomato Paste is made according to the traditional Italian recipe and it is available in 400g, 800g and 2200g tins, 10kg bag in box and 215kg drum.

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LITALY Tomato Paste is a dense paste of concentrated tomato, with a dark color and a compact appearance. It releases its strong tomato fragrance, once diliuted in sauce or soup, adding to all dishes the intense umami flavor of cooked tomatoes.

Tomato Paste was the secret of Italian grandma’s cooking, especially in Sicily and in all South of Italy. They made it at home, leaving tomato puree drying in the sun, for a few days, spreaded onto large tables.

LITALY Tomato Paste is made according to grandma’s traditional recipe, to enrich all your dishes with a rich taste of ripe tomato.


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2200 g, 400 g

Shelf life

36 months

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LITALY brand is the defining pillar of Foodeast, as an exporter of Italian food products. True Italian Food Products, 100% made in Italy. We keep the rooth of our Country in our main brand, that features main Italian staples in our catalogue. All basic ingredients of Italian Cuisine, such as legumes, pasta, tomato and olive oil, in our portfolio bear LITALY brand to let Consumer immediately know they are Made in Italy. All items are specifically studied, in terms of quality, size and packaging, to perfectly meet the request for Italian ingredients, in the international markets.
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