Penne Rigate #19

PRELYBIUM Penne Rigate
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PRELYBIUM Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate #19


PRELYBIUM Penne rigate # 19 are by far the most loved and most used short pasta shape. The right length and the right thickness, combined with the rough and grooved surface make PRELYBIUM Penne rigate # 19 the perfect shape for any sauce.

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PRELYBIUM Penne rigate # 19 are made only with durum wheat semolina and water. They are bronze drawn and dried at a low temperature, to obtain a tasty and tenacious pasta. Its rough and lined surface perfectly retains any dressing.

They are the ideal shape for the famous Arrabbiata sauce. But they are perfect with practically all condiments: those with tomato sauce, or those based on meat; with cheeses and vegetables, or with pestos.

Cook for 10-12 minutes in already salted boiling water for al dente cooking.

Additional information

Net weight

500 gr

Shelf life

30 months

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PRELYBIUM is Foodeast’s brand for gourmet and special products. The brand name is loosely inspired by the Italian word “prelibato” meaning “delicious, exquisite“. Its pay off “Convivio italiano” means “Italian banquet", with a special shade, meaning not only a table with good food, but also a table around which social relationship and culture are shared. In a true Italian style.
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