Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes


Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes


IVI & GIO’Whole Peeled Tomatoes are made using 100% Italian tomatoes, organically grown, free from synthetic pesticide and fertilizer. They are fleshy and firm, immersed in a velvety juice. Available in both retail 400g and 2500g foodservice size.

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IVI&GIÒ Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes are made using the best Italian long-type tomatoes, organically grown, in beautiful Southern Italy.

No synthetic treatment is applied and only organic fertilizers are used, in order to avoid soil impoverishment and water pollution.

Our tomatoes are harvested only when fruits are fleshy and ripe, with a very balanced acidity and a deep red color. They are processed within a few hours from harvesting and this allows them to keep all the flavor and the natural acidity of fresh tomato.

IVI&GIÒ Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes are a tasty and healthy choice for any dish calling for quality tomato and they are a must on gourmet pizza.

IVI&GIÒ Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes are available in 400g small tin for retail and 2500g big tin, for foodservice purpose.

All IVI & GIO’ products are controlled and certified by Sidel.




Additional information

Net weight

400 g

Drained weight

240 g

Shelf life

36 months

Units x case n°


Cases x pallet n°





IVI & GIO’ is Foodeast’s brand for Organic products. We imagine the world like a delicious green apple, where our kids Ivi and Gio’ can eat tasty and healthy food. We should want to always feed them with genuine food. Good food brings us together. Good food also respects our planet and protects resources for future generations. IVI & GIO’ organic food is good and healthy and is made respecting Nature. It represents the responsible choice of more and more people, also attentive to new eating styles. IVI & GIO’ items are 100% made in Italy and certified organic by Sidel Cert Body.
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