100% Cashew Butter


100% Cashew Butter

LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter is made from 100% cashews only, with no sugar or other added ingredients.  And it contains neither preservatives nor colourings.  It is rich in proteins and “good” fats and is perfect in the diet of sportsmen, the elderly and children.

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LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter is made only with non-GMO grown cashews, which are carefully selected and then roasted and peeled.  Then, the cashews are ground, until a full-bodied, but homogeneous and easy to spread butter is obtained.

LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter is genuine, healthy and light, and rich in all the nutritional properties of cashews. This is because it is made using only 100% cashews (100%), without added fats and preservatives.

LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter is a moderate source of energy (2514 kj / 601 cal), mainly supplied by the fats it contains (47%), which are above all “good” fats, i.e. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (omega 6) . Furthermore, it contains proteins (15%), dietary fibers, as well as vitamins (group B, PP and K), and various minerals.

Regular use of LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter can bring various benefits to the body:

The presence of vitamins helps strengthen the immune system and fights free radicals. 

* The “good” fats it contains can help keep cholesterol in check.

* Minerals it contains are excellent in the diet of athletes, children and the elderly.

LIMANGIO 100% Cashew Butter is delicious simply spread on bread or pancakes, but it can be used to fill crêpes and croissants or to flavor dough. It is a gluten-free product and suitable for vegan nutrition.  It can replace animal fats in any dish.

Cashew Butter and all other 100% Nut Butters of the LIMANGIO line are healthy and tasty products, in line with the growing demand for healthy & fit products, all over the world. They can replace animal proteins and fats in every dish and help reinvent many dishes, in a healthy and contemporary style.

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“Li mangio” in Italian means “I eat them” and it is a way to express the taste and quality of the products that carry LIMANGIO brand.  LIMANGIO is an invitation to taste products with confidence and simplicity, because they are healthy and delicious. LIMANGIO products come from tradition, and are made for a conscious diet, which uses healthy ingredients, which are good for you, without sacrificing taste. LIMANGIO products are above all those of the new food styles, such as 100% dried fruit butters.  Simple, yet new products that reinvent our dishes, in the name of good taste and well-being.

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