Evo 1118 100% Italian “Leggero” Green Evo Oil – 250/500 ml bottle


Evo 1118 100% Italian “Leggero” Green Evo Oil – 250/500 ml bottle


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EVO 1118 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by crushing fresh olives harvested in Puglia and Basilicata regions of Italy.

Their delicious juice is extracted solely through mechanical means, without any use of chemicals.

The unique taste of EVO 1118 is light and fruitness, with a main hint of artichoke due to the so called “Provenzale” variety of olive, which makes up the bouquet of EVO 1118 and is considered among the top ten best olive cultivars in the world. Loved by famous Chefs, all over the world, EVO1118 has a very harmonious and fine aroma that makes it suitable to enhance any kind of dish with its unique flavour.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Net weight

250 ml

Shelf life

1 year




1118 is our magic number, the lucky charm among Foodeast’s brands. We choosed our lucky number to title our line of 100% Italian selected extra virgin olive oils. This is how EVO1118 was born.
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