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Parmigiano Reggiano PDO "Bianca Modenese"

logo_prelybium_headerThe “King” of Italian Cheese is noted for its high-value nutritional content and it’s first production dates back to 1200. It is still made today like it always has been. The milk is produced by free-grazing cows, according to a precise policy (it has protected designation of origin PDO status since 1992), using local fodder and vegetable feed, forbidding all silage feed and fodder of animal origin. 270,000 cows are milked twice a day and their milk reaches the dairy within two hours from milking where it is used raw, in its natural state without any additives or heat treatment; 16 litres of milk are needed to make one kilo of Parmigiano Reggiano. This is reason why it is very rich in nutrients and represents a complete food. Eaten in small pieces, or used grated to top pasta dishes or inside many other menus, it gives the typical “Italian touch” to all you dishes.



PRELYBIUM is Foodeast’s brand for Italian cheese products. The brand name is loosely inspired by the Italian word “prelibato” meaning “delicious, exquisite“.It’s pay off “Convivio italiano” means “Italian banquet”, where cheese can never be missed!


hard cheese




whole wheel (about 35 Kg)

Fat content


Shelf life

1 year


from 12 months up to over 60 months

Storage Temperature

4°C – 8°C

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