Rice Vinegar with Mother


Rice Vinegar with Mother


IVI&GIO’ Rice Vinegar is obtained from the careful selection of organic rice grains grown in Italy which, after washing, are fermented for conversion into vinegar.
The result is a high quality organic vinegar, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

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Rice Vinegar is a product originating from Asia. It is the key-ingredient for the preparation of sushi, but it is  increasingly used also in Western cooking, to replace the more common wine vinegar, as it is less acidic and more digestible. Furthermore, being rich in minerals, it can be used as a valid substitute for salt, without having the same side effects of liquid retention.

Therefore, in addition to sushi and various other oriental recipes, Rice Vinegar is perfect for seasoning cooked and raw vegetables, legumes and cereals.

Rice Vinegar also has many beneficial properties, especially if organic. It is just during the fermentation process, which is the basis of its production, that the Rice Vinegar is enriched with vitamins and important nutrients. Therefore, to fully enjoy this important nutritional benefits, it is important that it has a biological origin: only the use of organic rice and a fermentation method that is not spoiled by chemical agents can guarantee the maintenance of all its healthy virtues.

As in the case of IVI & GIO ‘Organic Rice Vinegar, made with organic rice and acetified in a completely natural way.

It is rich in vitamins and mineral salts, which make it an excellent energizer, as well as an important antiseptic, which strengthens our immune defenses, defending us from microbes and bacteria.

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Net weight

500 ml

Shelf life

5 years

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IVI & GIO’ is Foodeast’s brand for Organic products. We imagine the world like a delicious green apple, where our kids Ivi and Gio’ can eat tasty and healthy food. We should want to always feed them with genuine food. Good food brings us together. Good food also respects our planet and protects resources for future generations. IVI & GIO’ organic food is good and healthy and is made respecting Nature. It represents the responsible choice of more and more people, also attentive to new eating styles. IVI & GIO’ items are 100% made in Italy and certified organic by Sidel Cert Body.
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