100% Macadamia Walnut Butter


100% Macadamia Walnut Butter

LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter has high quality Macadamia Nuts as its only ingredient, does not contain sugar or other added ingredients and is without additives or colorings. Ideal to spread on bread, crêpes and pancakes;  or as a topping for fruit, yoghurt and ice cream.  Surprising in smoothies.  It is gluten-free and suitable for a vegan diet.

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LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter is made only with high quality Macadamia Nuts from non-GMO agriculture.

The Butter is obtained from the careful selection of walnuts, which are toasted and then ground, until a light and velvety cream is obtained, with a sophisticated taste, slightly sweet on the palate.

LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter is a good source of energy (2991 kj / 715 cal), supplied mainly by the fats it contains.  These are monounsaturated fats, and in particular omega-7 (palmitoleic acid), which has benefits in our body similar to those of oleic acid (also present in extra virgin olive oil).

In addition, LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter contains proteins, fibers (8%), as well as vitamins (especially B1 and PP) and various minerals.

Regular consumption of LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter can bring benefits to the body.  Particularly:

* Its vitamins help strengthen the immune system;

* The minerals it contains are excellent in the diet of sportsmen, children and the elderly.

* Its fibers bring benefits to the intestine.

LIMANGIO 100% Macadamia Butter is perfect for spreading on bread and pancakes, or as a topping for yoghurt, fruit and ice cream.

It can make the difference in smoothies and also lends itself well to flavoring meat and fish.

Macadamia Butter and all other 100% Nut Butters in the LIMANGIO line are healthy and tasty products, in line with the growing demand for healthy & fit products, all over the world. They can replace animal proteins and fats in every dish and help reinvent many dishes, in a healthy and contemporary style.

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“Li mangio” in Italian means “I eat them” and it is a way to express the taste and quality of the products that carry LIMANGIO brand.  LIMANGIO is an invitation to taste products with confidence and simplicity, because they are healthy and delicious. LIMANGIO products come from tradition, and are made for a conscious diet, which uses healthy ingredients, which are good for you, without sacrificing taste. LIMANGIO products are above all those of the new food styles, such as 100% dried fruit butters.  Simple, yet new products that reinvent our dishes, in the name of good taste and well-being.

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