Pitted Black Olives 390/4200 g

olive nere denocciolate
olive nere denocciolate

Pitted Black Olives 390/4200 g


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Compared with the green type, black olives due their color to a longer ripening on the three. They are harvested later, and this is reason why they contains a huge quantity of anthocyanins that make their color darker. Moreover, black olives contains more fats and less carbohydrates, that make them more digestible. Above all, they contain a higher quantity of phenols that have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers, able to prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

Black olives are a key ingredient of many dishes, used throughout the Mediterranean area, from Italian to Spanish gastronomy, from French to Greek. Black olives are a must in many Italian recipes, where tomato or fish are used, and they add the main touch to many salads and focaccia breads.Pitted olives pitted black olives are more comfortable to eat, without the nuisance of the stone, but remember that they will be a little softer and even a little more salty, because they are processed with a double brine.

Additional information

Net weight

390g, 4200 g

Drained weight

170g, 2000 g

Shelf life

36 months

Units x case n°

24, 3

Cases x pallet n°

72, 75

Layers x pallets n°

12, 5

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