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"Cubettata" fresh Chopped Tomato with Basil & Oil

Cubettata di Pomodoro – Fresh Chopped Tomato with Basil & Oil

The POMOPEDIA Chopped Tomato is striking for the extraordinary taste of fresh tomato and the note of basil, which suggest a tomato cut and seasoned at the moment. Made only with Sicilian tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil, POMOPEDIA Chopped Tomato is ideal for seasoning bruschetta or for preparing refined appetizer snacks.



POMOPEDIA brand has a pop style and a digital attitude. The name comes from Italian word “pomodoro” that means tomato, while the ending suffix refers to the most popular encyclopedia on the web: wikipedia.
Pomopedia groups together all the tomato-based and non-tomato-based gourmet products that can be used to dress pasta, bruschettas or as ingredients for seasoning. All products of the line are made with fresh, quality ingredients, and made with artisan care.
Contemporary Italian Artist Umberto Aliffi made for us the original designs showed on Pomopedia labels and representing the icons of Italian Lifestyle.

pomopedia logo
Net weight

180 g

Shelf life

24 months

Units x case n°


Cases x pallet n°


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