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Olive Pomace Oil 5 lt Pet


It’s extracted from olive pulp, after the first press, and mixed with a percentage of extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to its light and neutral taste, it’s ideal to be used for cooking and frying.



LITALY brand is the defining pillar of Foodeast, as an exporter of Italian food products. True Italian Food Products, 100% made in Italy. We keep the rooth of our Country in our main brand, that features main Italian staples in our catalogue. All basic ingredients of Italian Cuisine, such as legumes, pasta, tomato and olive oil, in our portfolio bear LITALY brand to let Consumer immediately know they are Made in Italy. All items are specifically studied, in terms of quality, size and packaging, to perfectly meet the request for Italian ingredients, in the international markets.

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Net weight

5 lt

Shelf life

12 months

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