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"Panettone" Christmas cake with pear and chocolate

RIVELIA Panettone is handmade, according to the traditional recipe, with Pasta Madre yeast and using fresh and natural ingredients, which make it fragrant and easy to be digested. RIVELIA Panettone  Pear and Chocolate, with cubes of semi-candied pear and chocolate drops is a delicious variation of the traditional taste, pleasant and well balanced. Try it also with a touch of Pistachio Spreadable Cream RIVELIA, for an even more delicious experience.



RIVELIA is the flagship brand of Foodeast and the sweetest one because it brings together all our confectionery products.
Brand name originates from a fantasy name which has its root in the Italian verb “rivelare” (to reveal), to indicate the revelation of the unique taste of traditional Italian delicacies.
Products like Cantucci biscuits, lemon shortbreads, pistachio spread or Christmas cake “Panettone” bear RIVELIA brand, promising to be an indulgent revelation of a delicious taste.
All products are made with artisanal care and very genuine ingredients and RIVELIA line is the gourmet journey we propose through the major Italian Food delicacies
The look of RIVELIA brand is timeless and elegant, to indicate the premium quality and the craftsmanship of the products.

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