Foodeast & Italian Food Experience

We offer a wide range of main Italian Food Products under our LITALY brand.

It includes not only the most classical items, such as legumes, pasta, tomato and olive oil, but also a wide selection of cheese, together with frozen food and confectionery products.

LITALY large list of item gives the right answer to all request for Italian Food, in both retail and foodservice market, including also special need from industry.

All our LITALY products are studied to offer the best Italian quality, in the right size and nice packaging, in order to let our Customers have an authentic experience of Italian Food, all over the world.

Our IVI & GIO' brand is for ORGANIC products. All items are Made in Italy and organic, too. A nice collection of Italian food, studied to match the modern need for good foods, that are also good for health.

RIVELIA is a collection of food delights. It’s a gourmet Journey in the major Italian Food delicacies.

All items under RIVELIA brand are a delicious cuddle for yr moments of sweetness and a perfect answer to the most demanding tastes.

Foodeast for foodies

Foodeast has an English sound, but it's 100% Italian.

We love food and its lovers

We build our way, starting from the unique pleasure of food experience.

In Italy, the richness and variety of the cuisine tell the history of all the peoples who over the millennia have crossed this land.

All Italian dishes arise from family stories, tradition, care and fantasy.

Each ingredient of Italian cuisine has its own origin, its history and its identity and it is often the result of a very ancient knowledge.

Moreover, Italian people love sharing delicious food and enjoying a pleasant social experience around food.

Foodeast likes to bring Italian food products around the world, spreading Italian Food culture and allowing Foodies taking a more picture for their delicious handbook.